Its 2.30-3 hours approx. PRICE: 180E (up to 4 people), 330 E(4-10 people)

Discover the remains of a pre-historic city that remained buried for almost 4000years, under a thick layer of volcanic material, it gives us unique and valuable information about the art, architecture, and everyday life back in 2000BC.

Walking within a 4000 year old perfectly preserved settlement, getting to understand how the society was organized and how people lived their lives, seeing the paved streets, and the remains of large 2-3 storey building complexes, kitchen and toilette facilities, unique wall paintings and a perfect drainage – sewage system, is an experience surely not to be missed!

Price includes: licensed tourist guide services, transportation with privet car/van

Extras: entrance fees, cable car tickets (for people arriving on a cruise 5E per person one way)

Ancient Akrotiri

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