Santorini Guide

Things to do in Santorini and useful tips

Santorini is worldwide famous volcanic island  and one of the most visited Greek destination. The crescent-shaped island is rightly included in the top summer destinations charts worldwide and in every traveler’s bucket list since its beauty is unparalleled.

The breathtaking Caldera, the stupendous sunsets, the unique minimal architecture of whitewashed charming houses and blue domed churches , the amazing black and red volcanic beaches, the luxurious Santorini island’s hotels along with the delicious restaurants are the main reasons you’ll have a crush on this unique travel destination.

How to get there

Being the most popular island in Greece you have plenty of options to get to Santorini.

By Air

Santorini is easily accessible through its international airport. If you are anywhere outside Europe you have to fly to Athens first and then take a 40 minute flight from Athens to Santorini. During the summer season there are charters from various European cities that offer direct flights to Santorini Greece. Of course we should mention that having to fly to Athens first will give you the opportunity to visit the biggest Greek city and undoubtedly the one with the greater archaeological and cultural interest in Greece and Europe.

By Ferry

Alternatively you can take the ferryboat from the port of Piraeus in Athens which can take you to Santorini in about 8 hours or chose to travel by the High-speed ferry where the journey lasts 5 hours but it’s a bit more expensive. Ferries have frequent departures and your trip to Santorini island will be enjoyable as the ferries have comfortable air-conditioned areas, cafes and restaurants while you can relax and enjoy the view of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea from the decks. Santorini is also great starting point of island hopping if you wish to visit more Greek islands since the island is connected by ferry to Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Crete and other Aegean islands.

Witness a natural wonder – Caldera of Santorini

The great volcanic eruption that occurred around 4000 years ago shaped the complex of Santorini islands as we know them in our days. It’s the world’s only sunken volcanic Caldera. Being actually a basin of 4km diameter this lunar landscape is open for the public for hiking and swimming. To excite your imagination we have to mention that many scientists and archaeologists have linked the volcano of Santorini with the myth of Atlantis. Among them Cousteau searched the area for the lost city.

There are many boat tours , private or not ,giving you the chance to sail  around the Famous Santorini’s Caldera , swim in the hot springs and climb to the top of the crater of the active volcano.

Visit the picturesque towns of Santorini

Built on the caldera edge clifftops Thira is the island’s capital. Along with the villages of Oia, Imerovigli and Firostefani that are also perched up on the edge of the Caldera at dizzying heights they make up the so called “Balcony of Santorini”. From there you can get breathtaking spectacle over the Volcano or witness the enthralling sunset which is one of the most pictured throughout the world. Wander around the narrow pathways, get familiar with the traditional architecture of whitewashed cubic houses and charming blue domed churches. Take all the photo opportunities given and get the chance to visit some tourist shops or discover a culinary paradise tasting delicious food and locally produced wine at the local restaurants.

Get acquainted with Santorinian History and culture

Apart from fascinating sceneries and the beautiful red and black volcanic beaches, the cultural and historic side of Santorini is of great interest as some of the most important archaeological sites are on the island. Being or not a history enthusiast, a guided tour at the Prehistoric city of Akrotiri is an experience surely not to be missed. Combined with a visit to the impressive Museum of Prehistoric Thira and the Ancient Thira site can help you get the pieces together in this journey to the past and get a better understanding of everyday life and how society was organized back in 1600 B.C.

Gastronomy – Culinary

Your visit on the island of Santorini will be the ultimate gastronomic experience. The combination of Greek cuisine, one of the most praised in the world, with the local grown products make Santorini a culinary paradise. Try some of the famous traditional products like cherry tomatoes, fava, caper, white eggplants along with top quality meat or seafood. Visit the famous wineries and taste some of the exceptional locally produced wines from grapes grown in the volcanic soil of the island. We promise that Santorini will hold a special place in your heart after that.

Santorini Multicolored  beaches

Famous are the volcanic beaches  of Santorini, most of them are black ones, black sand or black pebbles. But except of the black beaches  , very famous is also the red beach , and there is one also a white one. The red beach is located in the southern part of the island close to the prehistoric city of Akrotiri.

Santorini’s wine tradition 

A big number of wineries, small or bigger ones, located on the edge of the cliff or in between the wine yards of the island ,offer the chance to taste some of the famous Santorini’s wines and learn about the islands long tradition of winemaking.


Santorini over the last years has become synonymous with luxury. Numerous top-Notch establishments and boutique hotels are settled on the calderan clifftop with great amenities, high level of service and infinity pools can elevate the experience of your stay.

Of course if you are travelling on a budget you can find plenty of decent midrange options away from the front-row panorama in Fira or Firostefani and if you would prefer to be close to the beach or do activities then you should also consider the option of booking a hotel in Perissa or Kamari.

Grand View Santorini is a hotel run by real people with a zest for life. Situated on the top of Santorini’s caldera cliffs in Megalochori, the hotel enjoys sweeping views of the Volcano and the blue Aegean Sea. The sun terrace is spacious, the swimming pool large, and the sunsets are magical. A selection of drinks, light meals and snacks are offered at the pool bar; delicious cocktails are served at sunset. Accommodation types include double rooms, family suites, Jacuzzi suites and a private pool villa.

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